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Wombat Gift Shop (Continued)

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Wombat Gift Shop offers a collection of Australian wombat themed gift items for wombat's fans around the world.

The wombat is a charming native Australian animal. With its short tail and legs, and 'cuddly' appearance it looks like a baby bear. In fact, koala bear is wombat's closest relative

All prices include Airmail delivery ( 5-12 days )

Wombat shop catalogue

ViewWombat timber coasters set

Each beautifully boxed set of six coasters is cut from highest quality Australian timber.

Size: approximately 10cm (4') diameter x 4mm (1/6') thickness

Price: US$29


ViewWombat Christmas Decorations

Wombat and platypus wooden Christmas decoration set is cut from highest quality Australian timber and will give a festive Australian touch to any Christmas tree.
Consists of 2 animals with red ribbons, presented in a small, light, clear packet.

Packet size: approximately 90mm (3 1/2') x 205mm (8')

Price: US$15


ViewWombat key chain with opal chips

Australian made gold plated pewter wombat key chain with Australian opal chips in a small souvenir plastic box. Wombat size is 1 1/2inch (35mm).

Price: US$14


ViewWombat Pin

Bronze lapel / hat wombat pins.

Size 9/16 x 13/16 inch or 15 x 21 mm
Bronze cast with butterfly fasten

Price: US$10


ViewWombat Brass Key Chain

This high quality Australian cast metal chain key ring is made of brass in Tasmania

The back side of key ring features some wombat facts

Key ring size (without chain) is
1 5/8 x 1 3/4 inch or 40 x 44 mm
It weights 1.1oz or 34gr

Price: US$25


ViewWombat Pewter Figurine

This detailed figurine of a wombat is made of Australian pewter in Tasmania.
It's a nice piece of art and a great long remembered gift

Figurine size with pedestal
1 5/8x2 1/2x2 1/4inch 40x64x57mm
Figurine weight
7.4oz or 212gr

1 wombat = US$65
2 wombats = US$118
3 wombats = US$159
Including International delivery (5-12 days)

Click on picture for more details

Price: US$65


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