Bullroarers and Clapsticks

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Bullroarers and Clapsticks

A bullroarer is a wooden instrument shaped like a laurel leaf or an oval with a slight twist in its shape. It's attached to a string and when it is whirled through the air while spinning on its own axis, bullroarer is generating sounds are like howls, roars and thundering of animals or spirits. Bullroarers make a fascinating variety of sounds, depending upon the shape, thickness and density of the woods used.

To use a bullroarer, spin it in a big circle above your head, holding the end of the string. If done correctly the bullroarer will produce an eerie whirring sound that carries well in the barren landscape of Australia.

Mr. Crocodile Dundee used a bullroarer as a telephone to call some help.

Please, take care when using your bull roarer by making sure that the area is free of possible obstruction.

Check the string / rope condition frequently as the last thing you'd like to happen is have the string break. Then you have a thin and heavy piece of wood flying at enormous speed - dangerous for you or anyone in the vicinity!

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ViewClapsticks Mulga Dot Art

Clapsticks are traditional Aboriginal accompaniment to the didgeridoo. We recommend it as a play along instrument. Just put on your favourite music and rock along with your clapsticks.

Hand made of heavy Mulga hardwood and painted in Australia by Aboriginal artist. Design and color vary.

The back side of these clapsticks is blank and could be used to personalise them or to print corporate logo and text

1 pair at US$55
2 pairs at US$50 per pair
5 pairs at US$45 per pair

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Price: US$55


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